Oshi Digest #42: It’s Saki Time!

Yes, friends, in a shocking conclusion that absolutely nobody could have seen coming because there was definitely zero prior planning to facilitate it no siree bob, Saki of 2& and ex of Guso Drop is the new Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com by dint of her stunning sneak-attack victory over Sari from NECRONOMIDOL the other night in London. Truly one of the great Judas moments in history! And we are the beneficiaries!

Before diving in to the Sakixperience, just to reiterate, she’s going to hold this title for at least the next month and change, until the next Queen of the Scene competition. Because incumbency matters, I’m going to tilt the scales a bit in Saki’s favor, give her a genuine advantage over the competition. Oshi’s Edge, let’s call it. And if Saki can hold on despite the challenge, she’ll be in position to keep the title for up to a year, barring the next Money in the Bank briefcase holder pulling a … well, pulling a Saki and catching her at an inopportune time.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to the Digest!

Our pint-sized dynamo has been working on her English, and in addition to allowing herself to be interviewed in our language instead of hers, she’s been on an absolute tear on Twitter in celebrating and embracing her time abroad. There’s no telling how long these good times will last, so let’s emphasize the English communication as much as possible and revel in the power that only a pocket idol’s pocket idol can provide!

Included to note that Saki’s selfie stick is at least as long as her arms:

Posing in front of the first night’s venue some famous thing I guess:

The bear in this photo is actually somebody’s mini keychain:


Ol’ Londinium:

In the mean streets of England, sometimes you just want to skip around and sing:

Her farewell thanks:

And in case you weren’t aware:

Oshi in Requiem

I wanted to give Sari a more thorough and complete send-off, but seeing this tweet was all I needed:

Our mistress of the dark, who foretold her own (oshi) demise, will continue to haunt us all for a very long time.

One thought on “Oshi Digest #42: It’s Saki Time!

  1. One good thing is we know Sari approves for now, or she would have smitted everyone about to vote for Saki.

    unfortunately (or fortunately) we will all soon be nothing, but mental mush under the adorable energetic cute powers of Saki

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