This Is a WILL-O’ Update Post

Much like that Under Beasty post from a little while back, this is one that started off as a Weekender item and then ballooned into something more. This isn’t going to be complicated, but it is a whole stack of items, and maybe I feel like being a little extra generous.

Anyway, in their post-Alloy incarnation as themselves, WILL-O’ have a (pretty cool) new look:

And a new logo to go along with it:

They’re also debuting a new song and would like their wota to please learn how to dance along:

And that concludes the update! While I enjoy being able to post about WILL-O’ / Alloy, I also would really like it if they would release some new recorded music soon. That is by far the most interesting thing.

One thought on “This Is a WILL-O’ Update Post

  1. Not going to pretend I have any inside info, but my gut feeling was that an album was about to be recorded before Momoko decided she couldn’t be an idol anymore.

    In the last 4 months or so they’ve gotten quite a few new songs and unlike how it was initially RYO-P isn’t writing all the songs anymore (he wrote all the petit pas songs) – I think they are up to about 20 songs + Jump is also considered an Alloy/WILL-O’ song – so plenty material for an album.

    As it has been up to now they’ve only printed a rather low number of the 4 singles they’ve made resulting in 3 of them being sold out (Pinball is still available). On my most recent trip I was at one of the launch events for the Sakura single and you couldn’t actually buy it since it was already sold out!

    Just me rambling and being happy about Momoko keeping her twitter, maybe she’ll be back when she’s done with University – she’ll probably still look like she’s 16 when she’s in her mid twenties.

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