Oshi Digest #36: Locks

First, an important programming note: Kerrie got on board!

Now, it’s important to note that Oshi, resplendent goddess and double-secret hell agent on this plane of existence that she is, must always keep up appearances, lest too many come to understand the extent to which she is, in fact, not human. Ergo:

This is actually a secretly encoded message. Note that neither Himari nor Ninjazaki is included in the photo. Note also that Himari’s hair is and always will be a sentient being of pure darkness, whereas Okaki’s hair is none of your damn business. Oshi’s hair, though, is unchanged, in a juxtaposition of Hina’s blonde locks and Rei’s sandier highlights. Those of you with eyes to see, you may be beginning to understand.

A brief reminder that Oshi inspires the art in all who witness not just her, but the black flame that she makes manifest …

… for she is, herself, a work of art:

Oshi also encourages such delicious blasphemies as Pastafarianism:

Beware, mortals:


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  1. i’ve actually considered painting Sari, but i can only do goofy retro cartoonish characters, nothing cute.. it will probably end up looking insulting. 😉

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