And Thus Ends DISDOL

It happened so quietly that it wasn’t until Idolatry hit me up the other night that I had any idea that things were amiss:

Yup. DISDOL called it a wrap. Or, more specifically, called it an end to idol and the full transmogrification into bandhood.

What a bizarrely inauspicious ending for what had been, for a brief-but-very-loud slice of time, one of the true up-and-comers in the idol underground. They boasted a larger-than-normal roster with better-than-average talent, a pretty great look, a wonderfully nasty sound and some decent resources behind them. And yet, for reasons that I could never figure out, the project never seemed like it was going to take the next step. They only ever put out one real-deal MV, for instance, and ran into the kinds of non-stop issues with membership (or, in their case, leadership) that can take down even the most stalwart of idol projects. The music generally being a mixed bag probably didn’t help things.

The original group dissolved way back in the fall, and the project was reconfigured as an idols-fronting-band kind of thing. I at the time thought that was a cool idea, as the idol+band thing had proven to be a pretty good look, and Bell Agency had the overall talent to probably make something like that work.

Now, though, they’re calling it a day on the idol front and focusing just on the band. As such, per the announcement on their website:

  • Haruna is done and done
  • Yuki and Mashiro will move on to a new idol project

And what idol project might that be?

Plus, Mashiro will continue on as the DISDOL band’s singer, a la CODE OF ZERO.

And so it goes. What all SETSUNA SONIC gets up to is anybody’s guess, but I hope that they bring at least some of that gnarly old DISDOL rock with them. As long as somebody still performs “VICTORIA”, we are all winners.

3 thoughts on “And Thus Ends DISDOL

  1. i had never heard of them. but the name sounds D-beat as hell, now i am afraid to listen to it cause it probably isnt D-beat.. but if it isnt, why did they have such a name.. this stresses me..

    gotta check to make sure.

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