Oshi Digest #34: Ours

Because people are tasteless savages, Oshi unfortunately did not ultimately win Tokyo Idol Queen:

You’re gosh darn right, Oshi. You are the Queen, and no amount of wota treason can change that. You earned it!

Can there be any doubt about this goddess?

I think she gets that we like her peculiar selfie work:

She may be our queen, but the fact is that Oshi’s days as Official Oshi may be numbered. Challengers for her crown abound, and even good friend Saki holds the anytime-one-time-only contract that could turn our oshihood on its head.

But you know what? While anything could happen, this dazzling darkness, this perfect shadow, will always be close to the heart of Homicidols.com.

A JyuJyu member won Tokyo Idol Queen, so still pretty cool!

2 thoughts on “Oshi Digest #34: Ours

  1. „a JyuJyu member“ – Chun is her name 😉
    Sari lost to a very good opponent. Who became 2nd btw?

    • I don’t know! I never did look all that closely. I know of some other idols sprinkled around the final standings (969 represent!), but oddly not #2. And you can tell how invested I am because I’m not really trying to look!

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