NaNoMoRaL Return With A Little MV And A Lot Of Heart..

The producer/singer duo of Amamiya Miku and Paseli-chan are one of the most active groups on the scene, playing tons of live shows and finding time for the occasional CD-R release to keep their flow of creative output fresh-faced and continuously evolving. Their group, NaNoMoRaL still remain one of the great stand-outs of a saturated scene, because they pursue their own vision and eskew the easier paths to more conventional success as an idol unit. This gamble pays off for them, at least on an artistic level, as they consistently make excellent, powerful music with lots of heart and courage!

The CD-R is a single song “Donen Shizuru” (I hope I got that right.) and it’s very much a continuation of one of the more unique and distinctive sounds to be found in idol circles. And as an extra treat, Amamiya stars in a low-key DIY MV to share the song with the world at large…

I wish more groups would get that you can totally make a proper MV with not anything more than a basic camera (or even a phone) and a little editing magic without breaking the bank on a big but hollow video epic. You just need to get people to listen to the music, and let the visuals compliment the audio, not compete with it for your attention. Of course, it helps if you have the music pull it off, which NaNoMoaL does.

Another interesting thing with this song is while Paseli-chan frequently lends vocals to the group’s songs, this particular tune has a little bit more of his voice than previous songs. I really like the duality of this arrangement. And of course Amamiya Miku’s voice is the star as always, as she sings like her heart depends on it, selling each line with a sincere conviction and emotion. I can’t imagine she ever does anything half-hearted.

Currently this CD-R is a live-show only merch item, but considering the rate of how they record, I’m hoping there’s an more-widely released EP or even an album around the corner. Seeing how “Nisan ka Tanso” was one of the best things to happen in 2018, they could surprise us with something that’ll be equally acclaimed before this year is over.

2 thoughts on “NaNoMoRaL Return With A Little MV And A Lot Of Heart..

  1. So good to hear how their arrangements are developing into richer varieties, yet the group’s very own voice is stronger than ever. Whenever they’ll put out a new album/EP I’m sure it will not only equal but far surpass Nisanka tanso.

    The romanisation of ”唖然呆然” would be ”Azen bouzen”, I think. It’s two quite synonymous words meaning ”dumbfounded / amazed” put together.

    • Yes, I agree completely about the quality of the music! At their present rate of evolution, their next release is going to be even more amazing!

      And also, thanks very much for the clarification of the romaji. I’ll be completely honest and freely admit my confidence level on this was pretty shaky. I more less kept thinking of it as “surprise”, but didn’t want to commit to that and get it totally wrong!

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