Art Mirrors Life in Minna no Kodomochan’s Latest Single, “rikaku”

Minna no Kodomochan’s new single, “rikaku” (meaning “separate”) is significant in a number of ways. Stylistically, it is the most slow and measured of all of their songs, practically a lament. It is also their first solo, with Cinnamon providing both the main and backing vocal tracks. The song’s lyrics, which speak of being alone and confused, are also written by Cinnamon who is currently conducting their nationwide tour on her own while her partner (and Kodomochan’s principal lyricist) Honoka recuperates from injury.

Cinnamon has admitted that the song reflects the uneasiness she feels performing without Honoka.  For her part, Honoka has said that “rikaku” has become her favorite Minna no Kodomochan song. Honoka has previously been responsible for all of Kodomochan’s lyrics except for “Song of 15” on Walls, Cinnamon’s only other songwriting credit.

Minna no Kodomochan had been firing on all cylinders in 2019. After incorporating a live backing band for all performances, mounting a successful crowdfunding campaign, achieving back-to-back Corenament wins and producing a new single every month for five months, Kodomochan were in the midst of building a surge of summer momentum to carry them through a nationwide tour culminating in a late-August one-man final at the Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.

Disaster threatened in July during the live commemorating the release of “Dead Song”. Honoka suffered a cervical sprain during the performance ending up in a neck brace for a short period of time.

While Honoka has since been able to give up the brace, the injury worsened an existing condition and doctor’s recovery orders included a strict “no head banging” provision. This has led to Honoka suspending performance activities in Kodomochan and the need for Cinnamon to embark on their crowdfunded nation-wide tour alone.

For the duration, Honoka has been cheering on Cinnamon from the sidelines while she recuperates and even appeared at some tour events.

It has been encouraging to see Honoka receiving support in turn from Kodomochan management. She is an enormous part of this project and we can only hope that she is able to return to performing after her recovery.   Word from the Cinnamon-only tour report movement away from headset mics and strenuous choreography and the adoption of handheld mics and mic stands more like a traditional rock band. I could certainly support that kind of transition in the unit, especially if it helped allowed Honoka to return to the stage again so Cinnamon would no longer feel “rikaku”