Life Is Meaningless

Hey team. I’m in a particularly nihilistic mood at the moment for a whole mess of reasons, so I thought that I’d dig out something that I enjoyed once a little while back and fits where I’m at.

This is HAPPIPPI. This is a passable idol rock song by them.

“Impermanence of All Things.” Indeed.

This is the same thing live, from the Hong Kong Idol Festival, which I guess is a thing that you perform at when you’re an idol not going to TIF or @JAM or even Summer Sonic, but you want to be part of a some kind of August music festival that’s idol-friendly and isn’t UTIF or something.

This is called “Shuriken Strike”, so I’m dedicating its inclusion to Terry.

Life is empty and pointless, kids. Everything you love will go away, and everybody you’ve ever counted on will fail you.

Happy Sunday.