Let’s Have Stupid Fun Planning a Tokyo Trip for 2020



I have no idea if anybody will actually do this, but thinking how cool it would be to go to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics and turn that into a bunch of chances to go to idol shows (and you know there’ll be millions of them) made me think:

  • Basically, none of the groups that you like now will be in operation (except Perfume and/or Negicco, neither of whom can be killed, and everything H!P related, including Zombie C-ute; every 48 will be up to ~175)
  • Of the groups still going, most will have completely turned over their membership
  • Groups just now starting up may be really popular
  • Concepts that we can’t even imagine will be active
  • Idols who made it that far will be doing very different things

Most of those things are probably mostly true! Anyway, it struck me as possibly fun to see what everybody’s ideas for the future of the hard side of idol might be four years on. So let’s play a game:

  • Pretend that you’re going to Tokyo for the 2020 Games.
  • Pretend that you have as flexible a schedule as can be, and you’ll be going to idol shows.
  • Describe:
    • Veteran units/performers you’re going to see, and what they’re like now
    • New units! New sounds! New looks!
    • What wotagei has evolved into
    • And whatever else comes to mind!
  • If you’re on Twitter, use the #StateofIdol2020 hashtag
  • Or add your ideas in the comments here, or on Facebook

No competition, and no prize except for the pride of having made a good funny, but I bet we can have a good time

I’ll get the ball rolling: