KOTO Wishes You a Very Happy Halloween

I’m anticipating some big things this weekend, gang. Halloween things. Spooky things. In a perfect world, we’ll get all of the spookiest, creepiest, evillest idols conniving to turn out a series of MVs so terrifying and profane as to change the literal tilt of the earth’s axis; this not being a perfect world, we’ll still probably get a few instances of spooks and devils and the like, in a wonderfully idol way.

But who’d have predicted that we’d get our leader from the likes of … KOTO?

I haven’t seen a ghost dance like that since Pikarin

Okay, yes, it’s true that KOTO’s idoling is usually about as homi as a pet ferret, but we’re fans of the young lady here at Homicidols.com, what with all the dancing and coolness and LOOK IT’S HALLOWEEN CUT EVERYBODY SOME SLACK AND JUST ENJOY SOME DAMN KOTO. You don’t make an out-of-nowhere run in Queen of the Scene without having fans, you know?

Also, fwiw, I recall once reading that KOTO’s got the most epic of all stage moms. I very much want that to be true just to imagine her (KOTO) dancing up a storm while her mother, who happens to look and sound just like her +25 years, berates some poor sound mixer for failing to get the right synth tone on one of those trippy vaporwave-like tracks. More intimidating even than Ricky Wilson, no doubt!