KOTO Wishes You a Very Happy Halloween

I’m anticipating some big things this weekend, gang. Halloween things. Spooky things. In a perfect world, we’ll get all of the spookiest, creepiest, evillest idols conniving to turn out a series of MVs so terrifying and profane as to change the literal tilt of the earth’s axis; this not being a perfect world, we’ll still probably get a few instances of spooks and devils and the like, in a wonderfully idol way.

But who’d have predicted that we’d get our leader from the likes of … KOTO? Continue reading


The Monday Match Game Returns with a Request

Friends, we’ve done a lot of voting lately, and you might be like “No, Maniac, not another stupid poll,” but a) isn’t life better when you just ignore things that you don’t like?* and b) what if it were the stupidest one yet?

See, now that the Corenament has reached its shocking conclusion, it’s time to come back to the Monday Match Game, everybody’s favorite Monday-and-also-into-Tuesday activity. And Brian, who is clever and good, managed to put into words what I hadn’t managed to turn into a coherent thought pretty much ever:

I don’t know about fans, or even fan if “clamoring” is the criterion, but let’s do this thing! Continue reading