Is There Idol Truth to the Friday Fun’s Urban Legends?

Nobody died! Wow!

This one is probably going to be definitely outdated again, because I’ve been basically writing a whole batch of Friday Fun posts milking the April Fools train because god help me if I enter another drought right now, then Maniac asked me to push this one back for the K-Pop thing and yeah. But to explain this, let’s take a step into my old friends in the Hello! Project fandom, shall we? Yes, yes, I know.

It all started with a mysterious account by the name of hp_predict…

And it ended with this:

And I was like “we need more creepypastas in the alt-idol fandom.”


We’ve done conspiracy theories before, but they’ve never broken into full-blown creepypastas, until now!

Send us some spooks, kids! Whether it be cryptic YouTube videos, or theories behind a group disbandment, or how Necronomidol are a walking creepypasta idol group, send some idol-themed scary campfire stories with the hashtag #IdolCreepypastas! Maybe we’ll get a movie or a video game out of one of them? Make Idol Is Dead: Infinity War starring all of WACK plz

GTFO with that Slenderman shit