Serechu Had Me at

I love Memory Lane! Don’t you? As long as you stay away from stores like Pointless Nostalgia, it’s always a good time to remember good things.

In this case, I’m very happy to have had an old literal one-time favorite pop up in the ol’ YouTube list, one of the very first tradols I got into — and definitely one of the very first solo idols I ever featured:

That, friends, is Kozuki Serena, or Serechu as her friends and fans call her. By some weird stroke of luck, way back in the earliest of days for, I happened to give her a little writeup because, while she’s not exactly the heaviest idol in the business, she’s a great stage performer who’s unafraid of a proper rock song, and bless her. I even called her metal back then!

So I’m glad that Serechu dropped this new one yesterday, giving me an excuse to look back on her recent work and maybe win over some of the 99.9 percent of you who weren’t around on the literal second day of this website’s existence.

Like, here’s one from earlier in the year:

That’s just enough rock to count, and Serena gets the benefit of the doubt on account of her being cool.