Hey You Guys! I’m Gonna Be on TV!

Kind of!

For reasons unbeknownst probably even to them, the fine humans over at A-to-J Connections have invited yours truly to participate in their podcast tonight.

You should be afraid, dog!

Tune in for awkward real-time puns, rampant mispronunciations and so, so many swears in addition to whatever else A-to-J wants to talk about. I will everything in my power to keep the conversation focused entirely on the most obscure things possible.

5 thoughts on “Hey You Guys! I’m Gonna Be on TV!

    • Check out the A-To-J Connections Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ll post it to our YouTube, like all our other podcasts, about a week after the live broadcast. The twitch is just for the live stream, we also try to interact with the audience there, but we still want everyone to be able to watch at some point.

  1. Drag them as deep down the rabbit hole as possible Maniac. Give them the shock and awe that we here have long been accustomed to. Go Get ‘Em

  2. Am I finally going to see the stunningly attractive male specimen known as Maniac???? I’ve imagined a pair of piercing blue eyes, firm, clean shaven jaw line and a charming smile. Should I be prepared for disappointment when I see a stealth image cloaked in a hat, sunglasses and fake beard, complete with Darth Vader voice changer? Or possibly a blurred, pixelated image in an effort to avoid the ubiquitous FR and VR scanners? . Or is this an audio only podcast? Only one way to find out I guess. Hmmmm

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