Here’s All the Jazz with Monster of Dolls

Folks, a new idol event has sprouted from the fertile soil of Western music fandoms, and the time has arrived for all details to be known and tickets to be available.

Monster of Dolls, a one-day event (May 11) in Bologna, Italy, is bringing as fine an assortment of idols and personalities as you can shake a stick at:

You can actually skip the Facebook thing if you don’t like being part of a massive data-mining scheme and just click here for tickets.

That’s a pretty good lineup! Yes, people had been kicking around various rumors about who was going to be included and what that all might mean for a while, but the confirmation is nice, and seeing it all put together is … well, it says something not just about what flavors of idol are popular in a fan-driven way among Westerners, but which ones are willing to put in the effort to connect with those Westerners. Or at the very least willing to take a paycheck from them! (I kid, I kid.)

So Ladybaby, Melon, JyuJyu and Sari, and if you’re down with the DJ and/or MC, good for you. I’m pretty jealous of folks who are Italy-adjacent enough to make this trip, and I’ll be frank in echoing Derek from the other night and say that I hope the vast-vast-vast majority of them aren’t Japanese wota out to get a little vacation out of their hobby. Western fans need to get out for this stuff, too, and bring some dang friends. The possibility of JyuJyu reaching appropriate levels of international fame is one that I’m a little hype about, to say nothing of the opportunity for Melon (that’s two trips for Yuffie!) and the non-gimmicky version of Ladybaby.

Hey, speaking of, what’s their take?

They seem excited!