As Good an Effort as Possible to Work through the New Banamon MV

I was initially going to talk about my recent discovery that Banamanagement, are indeed, Mad Lads. But then their newest MV came out and erased everything I wanted to say on the matter.

If that suspicious thumbnail didn’t scare you away, congratulations, your bravery shall upmost be rewarded.

You see, what you just saw, wasn’t a music video. It was a religious experience. You literally saw god shitting out a new world. Okay, it was just an island. But if that doesn’t reinforce your faith in God, how about:

Subliminal messaging telling you to buy that Banamerch.

The hand of god literally slapping its loyal messengers. 

Banamanagement having a foot fetish.

Horrific cartoon violence.

Don’t forget to buy that merch, Banamon need the money to pay for Asuka and Jaguchi’s promised joining fee, you know.

I hope you’re prepared to submit to your new saviours, because I’m sure not.

If it was the early-2000s, this would most certainly be the jumpscare image that screamer videos would use