Here’s a Good Bit of Under Beasty Performing Live

Got a bunch of work around the house before heading up to Philadelphia for , but luckily not a whole lot happened in the last little while. “Not a whole lot” fortunately does not include Under Beasty not hitting the stage:

4 thoughts on “Here’s a Good Bit of Under Beasty Performing Live

  1. I saw them two nights ago at moe farre. Very good performance! Although there were only three girls on stage? But maybe my memory is just wonky.

    • Slight correction: I saw their sub unit consisting of Akana, Kaho and Yumu. But they basically sound exactly the same.

        • Their name is Lil’ Beasty (Ritobisu – リトビス) And yeah it seems like they perform mostly the same songs. They have that is their own though. The name comes from the unit being made of the three youngest members, and I believe Yumu is the leader.

          That was me mentioning it in a DM…Yeah, Under Beasty is one of “my” bands haha (^^;

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