Get It While You Still Can: Yukuetsurezure’s Latest, ‘Ideology’

Yukueshirezutsurezure are off to a hot start. For about one more hour, you can listen to “Ideology” on their official site (with lyrics!) ((that are pretty damn terrifying even in translation!)). UPDATE: And it’s gone. Trust me. It was great.

This is another (maybe the last?) track off the EP that Yukuetsurezure’s going to release at some point in May (date TBD).

If I have to fly to Japan just to pick up this thing from a record shop, so help me, I’ll say that I will and then I won’t because that’s like incredibly unrealistic.

2 thoughts on “Get It While You Still Can: Yukuetsurezure’s Latest, ‘Ideology’

  1. Yes, I’ve said the same thing myself,”if I have to fly there myself to buy this CD, I will!!!! Then logic kicks in and saves the day. However, in the never ending quest to indulge myself into dark fringes of the far east music culture, I came upon BridgeJapan. A shopping service that will shop online or physically purchase those hard to acquire items that us westerners would otherwise do without. It seems as though a lot of the smaller groups have online stores, but will not ship outside Japan. Hope you find this useful. Keep up the great work, I appreciate what your doing on this site.

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