GANG PARADE’s Membership Update

No, it’s not another member leaving (not yet, at least), but an update on the Maaya situation that sent tongues wagging. So much wagging!

I’ll just let you go ahead and click through on that link. It’s just as terse a statement as when her withdrawal was announced in the first place, but they let her publish one last blog post, so you can go read it, too.

So the official reason is, my dad hurt himself and that’s why I needed to take time off, and then I got to thinking about … I’ll always support GANG PARADE and wish the members best of luck etc.

I mean, if true, that’s sad, especially coming so hot on the heels of Ao’s withdrawal for family reasons. It could also be less true than “Ao’s excuse worked really well so let’s use it again.” If I sound cynical, it’s because it’s idol, and also because Saki is either cursed or most adept at running off other talented people.