Fine. Let’s Look at Musubizm

Oct. 28:

with nanoCUNE disbanded, BRGH on the way out- I have put all my cards into Musubizm and Yukueshirezutsurezure

Oct. 29:

Shut up, universe. You can’t tell me what to do!

All right, fine. If you follow up on that link by Kimi Kame, you’ll get treated to this peppy little number, and may the gods help you all:

Say hi to Musubizm (Twitter), who are among the few Harajuku idols to get some feature time around these parts — if you don’t speak Tokyo, that’s basically saying “usually Williamsburg and the South Bronx, but this thing comes from the Fashion District.” They’re on Fujiyama Project, along with Osaka Shunkashuto and Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen.

Their whole thing is to spread kawaii around the world. And they’re getting there! They’ve already played in the United States! And the kawaii thing is whatever, but their music is cool, like a slightly more grown up version of sisters sora tob sakana.

They released their first single earlier this year (the above is from the recently released second).

Learn a little more. You’re okay, Musubizm. Do more of that first thing so I can cross-pollinate more effectively with that other site doodad.

2 thoughts on “Fine. Let’s Look at Musubizm

  1. Well, I did not expect to see Musubizm here- If Yumeado can prove that being cute is enough, then Musubizm has the cards stacked high in their favor, 3 great voices and 2 squeakers? its just not fair 🙂

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