I Can’t Decide If This Is Good or Bad or What

Our friends in uBu continue their pop-up assault on the greater Tokyo region, appearing seemingly at random, performing, then disappearing just as suddenly as they manifested.

But it appears that something more nefarious than an official debut live is at stake; indeed, uBu is … changing:

WHAT! So the two members have been accruing points, and they’ve, uh, advanced. In fact, according to this post on the uBu website, they’ve earned new names.

uBu has gone from mere curiosity to something far, far beyond our understanding. When they accidentally split existence into two equally impossible possibilities like in that one episode of Rick and Morty, one half of our equally impossible possible existence will be amazed while the other half is shattered by fear.

The gibbering madness that is the experience of trying to understand uBu is summed up by this video:


Oh, and the heads no longer have their own Twitter. RIP uBu heads. I am illiterate.

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