Fashion Fortnight Feature: We Need to Talk about This Dress

Hello! It’s Papermaiden again. Thank you for the warm welcome you gave me for the previous article. This time, it’s a feature rather than a flash: We’ll focus on one topic, in occurrence, the Love Letter One Piece by Galaxxxy, from their 2016 Spring/Summer collection.

A red sleeveless dress with lavender envelops printed all over. The armholes surrounded by frills and, just like the Peter Pan collar, are white.

This is the official stockphoto, so at least we can see the colors accurately at least once.

If this dress looks familiar, it’s probably because last year, we’ve seen it twice in very prominent positions — namely in the music videos for BPM15Q’s “Hakuchuumu” and Oyasumi Hologram’s “Neuromancer”.

When I first saw the dress, I just assumed it was from a cute, otome-like brand despite the flashy colours of the print. I went through two years of MILK look books from 2016 and 2015, nothing of the sort popped up. This obstacle fueled my ongoing frustration and convinced me to dedicate an entire article to the thing.

Just in case, I checked on databases such as Lolibrary if it had been catalogued there, and I found this wonderful dress in a similar theme by Jane Maple, which was also released in 2016.

Google reverse image search provides nothing of substance. Well, turns out I forgot to look at the obvious and it was under my nose all along: Oyasumi Hologram officially collaborated with Galaxxxy for the costumes, as listed in the video description box.

Galaxxxy surprised me slightly in its idol friendliness. While I knew them mainly for their anime-themed collaborations (and their collections with Rinrin Doll), they also collaborated with Cheerz, featuring Mashiro back when she was in DEEP GIRL, before she defected for CY8ER. While a couple of conspiracy theories about Rinahamu’s involvement around the brand could be written at this point, I’ll let Maniac handle the fanfictions (for now).


Mashiro looking all cute in an oversized White and red cat-eared hoodie, with matching shorts, socks and platforms.

There’s also Mashiro looking way too cool in sunglasses if you click through.

Their latest fashion show, Ultra Teen Fest, had some familiar faces: Atarashii Gakkou no LEADERS!

The whole group!

Duo close-ups can be found in the Look Book

Galaxxxy’s official website
Galaxxxy Items on Tokyo Otaku Mode

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5 thoughts on “Fashion Fortnight Feature: We Need to Talk about This Dress

  1. galaxxxy’s involvement with idols goes back a long way, like when they styled Saori@destiny for the cover of “WOW WAR TECHNO” in 2009 – in a later collaboration, called Saori@galaxxxy, they designed the covers for her singles “Ethnic Planet Survival” and “Lonely Lonely Lonely”, as well as Saori t-shirts and the outfit she wore promoting the songs.

    Incidentally, the same label that gave us Saori@destiny is where Matsukuma Kenta and JxSxK used to work before moving to Tsubasa and launching Pour Lui’s solo career.

  2. Has it really been two weeks since the last post? Time flies. Anyway So many idols have worn Galaxxxy before, it seem to be a popular brand with them. The clothes are very colourful so I don’t blame them ha.

    Examples: Ikura from Q’uelle –
    Pikarin –

    Groups like Momoclo have also done a collab with Galaxxxy, but I didn’t really like it that much.

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