EMPiRE’s HON-NO Will Have You Saying HON-YES

We’ll let our top tier headlines speak for themselves and jump right into EMPiRE‘s new music video, shall we?

If you’re a fan of SELFiSH PEOPLE and RiGHT NOW you’ll definitely like HON-NO, their new song is high energy synthrock with even higher energy choreography.  The video is the kind of sci-fi motif you’d expect from a group who’s first album is a Star Wars reference too, from sterile white panels to grisly grey concrete, they’re ready to throw it down in any environment that vaguely says “dystopia”.

The single itself still isn’t out for a little while, but the song is up for advanced streaming in all places where music can be streamed in advance.

Those girls have been a little busy lately too! If you’re still hungry for more then we have a remix of “I don’t cry anymore” that sounds like the type of music that would blare out of the CD key generator you downloaded from a virus-clad Russian website to play a pirated copy of Need For Speed Underground, which then promptly woke up your entire family and had you grounded for using the family computer past bedtime. What, this isn’t a universal experience?

A full version was up on YouTube but it seems to have been set to private, because Avex love managing their artists in a totally normal manner. We have a fun 16 seconds of it in that tweet at least.

EMPiRE’s double a-side single HON-NO / IZA!!! will be out on the 12th of next month, so hey maybe we’ll see a second music video! Or they’ll un-private the remix! It’s never a dull moment with EXPLOSIVE MASQUERADES PENETRATE iNSTINCTS; REDEPMTIVE EVE, which is unfortunately what that name apparently stands for now. Thanks Watanabe!