Your Homicidols Weekender #229

Good morning! I hope you all had as … cathartic a week as I did. Busy as hell? Yes. A great deal of things accomplished? Also yes. Making big steps in personal right directions? Man, I tell you yes. Good feelings and moods abound.

And look! It’s the elbow of the year unless you’re in a polar or equatorial region, so regardless of if you’re enjoying spring (yay us!) or fall (boring people on the other side of the planet), put that energy to good work! Go hike or garden or bike or something. Hell, it’s raining here and all I want to do is go outside and run around, especially because Fiancee had to jet for a couple of days and I’m sitting here with way too much antsiness to do or be anything that approaches productivity. I just wanna fun!

So if your idea of fun includes idol at some point of some day, then you can take this Weekender and just really dig into it. I actually held some stuff out because I want to have more to talk about later! No, it wasn’t a terribly productive week, but it was good enough and frankly there are so many more significant idol lives nowadays that you’re almost tripping over good video anymore. Just watch the heck out of it!

O– Okay?

This is pretty much it for KOTO, so:

On top of a normal audition announcement, Codomomental also shocked us all by announcing the return of:

Which as you can imagine got us feeling a certain kind of way.

In related company news and/or in case you missed it and/or forgot, TOKYO Tefutefu has an album coming very soon:

Remixed EMPiRE:

Good lord, I keep forgetting that somebody thought it was a good idea to let liNGliNG make a book:

miscast did this frankly really cool thing with something called Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra, which sounds like the best kind of orchestra:

Here’s a blinding clip from INUWASI’s first one-man:

And epilepsy from DAIDAIDAI!

And unrelenting awesomeness from Ringwanderung!

GANG PARADE is very short-term getting back together so they can do Saki’s graduation live as the gods intended, which is to say at all and not canceled because of COVID lockdown:

The making of NEO BREAK’s latest:

I thought I knew Malcolm Mask McLaren pretty well, but I’ve never seen them do anything like this, like at all:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Broken By The Scream largely to make up for a huge gaffe. See, we knew (and talked about it in Team Chat!) about this, but completely fanned on mentioning it; the “it” is that Kagura is leaving the group:

Frankly, I have no idea how they replace her. Harsh vocals are hard enough, but gutturals are more prevalent than those demon shrieks for a good reason. And, like, Kagura’s such a mainstay. You understand why she wants to leave but also really hope that she changes her mind.

To end this on a slightly better note, get their new live DVD!

As Chris reports:

Yes, get yourself some classic pre-Avex Osaka Shunkashuto:

For you kids into Dope-chan:

Kerrie retains the rights to write something about the new one from O’CHAWANZ if she wants:

Tangentially relatedly, from SZWARC:

And, uh, all of KINGRAGE is graduating, which … huh:

Arguably the rock idols so OG they weren’t even rock idols back when they were formed but still kind of the OG rock idols Candy GO!GO! have their bazillionth single coming out in July:

AIBECK, wisely, keeps uploading clips from their one-man:

I like how Wonder Lander did this digest video for their EP with live clips:

As discussed this week, I can’t keep up with anything related to what Herosyn and related groups are doing, but here:

It seemed like suddenly there weren’t so many covers, so, uh … here’s a NightOwl doing one:

This is to confirm that PANDAMIC still exists, hell yes:

Remember how AKIARIM was hella cool?

WTF happened to Ladybeard?

Have a great weekend!