Cure Uploaded Their Full Set, Bless Them

I had a version of this post all drafted before first the MV release this morning and then that “where were you when” news of some sort from a little while ago, and it’s funny to look back on this now, when it felt like possibly the best thing to be available in what has otherwise been a fairly dull week.

Anyway, the point that I was originally trying to make is that it’s good to be reminded that there are and always will be idols doing metal on little stages for their most stalwart of fans. Cure, for instance, is a-okay.

These videos are from the most recent Cure Fest, held on Sunday. That venue … honestly, every time I see one of these, or some of the really early Babymetal stuff, I want to drag some tr00 metalhead dipshit by their bad hair over to look. “See, asshat? Get a clue.”

I am a very kind person.