Come See the New JyuJyu in Action

Do you like your metal doomy and your idols cursed? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place.

JyuJyu recently reformed and are bringing their brand of all-black, bass-heavy idol metal to TIF over the weekend, and that’s not bad considering that the project was all but dead just a few months ago.

One thought on “Come See the New JyuJyu in Action

  1. First to be fair, the staff announced from the beginning, that JyuJyu will be on hiatus only and return when they found new members. At least this is what I made of of the note back then (after a difficult effort in translating, lol).

    Well, about the video, something that what I was anticipating for quite a while now: A live recording of the “new” JyuJyu. I wondered how they would manage the difficult task to substitute for a member like the marvellous Shirai and how this would change the groups dynamic.
    Initially I was drawn to the group by its strong theatricals and the grace, the tandem Neu and Shirai emitted. In my opinion the atmosphere of the new line-up definitely changed, though not in a bad way, just different. The stage show seemed much more free, but this probably being an effect of them now being a trio. The vocal lines, especially during Ikenie, reminded me much more of Necronomidol here. But in general the tonal (and visual) change has been successful, even with the new tracks. But how can anything go wrong with Neu-chan being involved?
    Can not say too much about the new members. Both definitely look good, but Shirai excelled many other idols during the after-show events. We will see…

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