Broken By The Scream Rips

They got smoked in the Corenament, but if I could give them an honorary award, I would. Broken By The Scream has very silently* climbed into a very unique position within metal-doing idols, in that they have both the best harsh vocals in the business** and are putting out music that isn’t just loud, but pretty dang good.

Also incredibly weirdly named! Here’s the latest, handily live-videoed for your ongoing enjoyment:

Hey, Ayame and Yae are here, too, you know!

I said at the turn of the year that BBTS was in a spot where they were going to do as well as their producer (and the rest of the management team, natch) was willing to take them. This is why! Their actual popularity ceiling is limited somewhat by the fact that there’s only so much audience for extreme metal (regardless of additional idol vocals), but who else is going this hard, this loud and this well all at once? And with the crown feeling more than a little available these days, there’s a huge opening for BBTS to become more than just an idol curiosity.

*It’s funny because they aren’t silent at all!
**No disrespect meant to Io and her viral video power at all, but it’s Kagura who makes the difference for me; I haven’t heard demon shrieks pulled off so well since the first time I heard Saud Ahmed

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