All the Cool Influences Behind You’ll Melt More!

Our pal Brian, aka @supreme_nothing, wrote up this piece on the various artistic touches inherent in You’ll Melt More!’s visual and musical work on his own site … and then posted it in the forums like a goof. I figured I’d move it on up here to the home page so more eyes get on it. Go read the whole thing (just click the boxy doodad there) and tell him how much you liked it!

YOU’LL MELT MORE! : The Coolest Idols In the Room…

Literature and Destroy is one of my favorite titles for anything, ever, and I had to be talked out of dropping almost $100 on a copy of Bellheart’s EPEP EP, which is a glorified single, but whatever, I was pretty drunk.

3 thoughts on “All the Cool Influences Behind You’ll Melt More!

  1. The cover of Literature & Destroy is similar to the aesthetic that Belle & Sebastian has used before (bored people in monochrome reading books!), and the lead track from the EP sounded like it was influenced by them as well. Plus I remember a photo of YMM holding up CDs and alongside My Bloody Valentine and Boredoms albums was a B&S one. The prosecution rests, your honor!

    • Eeeww, I really really hate Smell & Sebastian (hahaha! see what I did there) and Yume Nante was the track that turned me from on-my-radar-I-like-some-of-their-songs to full on YLMLM-adoring-super-mega-fan. If you’re right about a B&S influence, I feel a bit dirty now.

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