What the Hell Is uBu?

Great job once again, Viz Major. I’d say that we all owe you a debt, but that presumes that anybody actually wants to be subjected to this kind of reason-bending discordance.


So! uBu! Who are you? (/dying) Just like the post says, Tokyo-based idols who are officially launching on Nov. 26 at a free one-man in Akiba, but who’ve been doing a bunch of pop-up lives around the capital region because why not, you have to get to 5,000+ Twitter followers somehow, amirite?

Yeah, they’re kind of rocking the horror clown aesthetic, too, but what’s the real deal here? What’s with the mannequin heads? What does this ish sound like?

One of these days, you’re going to not take the bait and click through, and I’m going to feel it in my heart and then you’ll be sorry.

Near as I can tell, there are actually two members now, Sakuya not having tweeted in more than a week and her not being listed on the main account’s description thingy or included in their header image. But the heads have their own account! Yes they do! And boy is it the most interesting thing in the world. They’re even listed as group members on the website, which is just as helpful as you’d imagine an idol startup’s site to be. Their purpose? Headbanging, of course.

And why headbanging? Because listen to this.

Just when you think you’re about to be ICE CREAM SUICIDEd, bam! comes the thrashcore

This is real, folks. Like, this is somebody’s project. Who, I don’t know, and definitely not a major agency, but uBu isn’t some friends screwing around and accidentally becoming something that people want to see; between the pop-up shows and free debut one-man and well-executed concept, this bears all the hallmarks of somebody who knows what they’re doing and having some resources to put it together from the jump.

They (or just the one member, still) are even on Showroom!

Something’s afoot. Who’s the mad genius (Hank Scorpio?) funding this outfit, and what do they want? If it’s my soul, tough luck. I gave that to these guys a looong time ago.

5 thoughts on “What the Hell Is uBu?

  1. No debt needed. I just love idols and the whole scene and try to get them as much support as possible. And I love discovering new idols and all the different kinds of creativity they have out there. If we don’t help them out then we won’t get all the amazing music, merch, videos, and lives that they provide us. After all they may be superstars to us but these are just regular normal girls working a job (and being so freaking awesome at it).

  2. Viz, you are awesome, really. I just love it when you find these new groups, I get to go root around in the dark underbelly of the interwebs for more info every time you find one. Keeps me going, that is for sure. Shoot sometimes I even find a juicy tidbit……. sometimes.

    They do seem fun though, I had a brief “talk” with one of them. I have yet to find out if they have any English skill yet.

    • Thanks! I love discovering new idols too. It feels like I’m going on some kind of treasure hunt trying to find past relics (old YouTube videos, tweets, etc.) All this idol stuff takes up most of my free time but who cares it’s exciting! LOL

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