A Friday Fun That’s an Editor’s Worst Nightmare

So, what are you watching this weekend? I’ll be watching the newest season of Bojack Horseman on Netflix, but honestly, I’d rather be watching these reality shows:

Speaking of watching stuff, have you noticed that some foreign-language videos on YouTube have an auto-translate feature? It’s true!

Unfortunately, as frequent Friday Fun inspiration and totally legit WACK insider @SalemBlack4ever has noticed, it … still needs a bit of improvement.

And I thought that sounded like a great excuse for a Friday Fun!

So, your task this week; go watch some idol videos with auto-translate on, post your best screencaps!

Alternatively, if you lack the time to watch a load of idol videos, Twitter’s bing translate works just as well.

The hashtag this week is #AutoTranslatedIdoland I pray some of these channels get actual English subs soon.