Your Homicidols Weekender #90

Good morning friends! TIF is finally upon us, like this incredible crown jewel of the idol festival season (which in fact runs for most of the year anyway, so). I love seeing everybody’s commentary from the different venues and performances — if you’re looking for something new, maybe give this thing a try. Good times.

I am working this weekend, which is to say more accurately that I’m on a long-ass trip for work and will be picking and choosing spots for the week. That’s sad! And it’s doubly sad because I traveled to one of my favorite places on the planet for this, and I’m not going to get to enjoy it. Boo. Hiss. But it is at times like these when idols become a welcome distraction, insofar as I can afford to be distracted. It’s all fun and games, after all, at least what we get to see of it.

Anyway, play the Fun, enjoy the Weekender, and then don’t get mad at me if momentous things go un-shitposted about because the people who pay me want me to do other things.

What Kinds of Other Things

Imagine living in a place where the DOTS work their magic:

TIF begets other idol events; or, idols like BURST GIRL make up a festival all their own:


There’s a second A.N.otheR member ready to debut:

This Maison Book Girl (with Oomori Seiko!) live though:

When will we get to hear GARUDA’s new single?

Ricky Wilson is a terrifying human:

When the XTEEN members get together after school to rehearse:

Speaking of TIF, did you see the @JAM all-star video?

After that the mistress business, I went to go see if my girl Ameru had anything to say, and she did!

Now even Americans can get in on Ten Tenko’s international release:

Yajima Mai’s series of singles keeps on going:

This is how WILL-O’ will work their way to the @JAM main stage:

Prepare for SOLEIL’s second album:

Even more new faces in SAKA-SAMA:

Aina joined MONDO GROSS for that song that was mostly about her butt IIRC:

Ever-important photos from the Kaqriyo Terror Architect member-unveiling one-man:

Listen to this beautiful number from former Homicidols Forums star Lovely Summer-chan:

KING RAGE has new outfits and new music that’s completely indescribable:

This Up Up Girls video is exhausting:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is BiS! Weird! Anyway, the results of the BiS.League are in, and unsurprising:

And my girl GOZEELA is captain!

And their third major single in this iteration is on the docket:

And, in ex-BiS news, my favorite non-Puu original member is starting her own idol project, as a mother:

I dare you to find better things than sora tob sakan:

How did you guys like the latest from CY8ER?

Being at a uijin live looks manipulative!

I want to be Dance for Philosophy:

I repeat, we need more Kaishin no Ichigeki:

Have a great weekend!