Your Homicidols Weekender #234

Welcome back to Saturday! It is just full-glory spring beautiful here at Maniac Mansion, and yours truly is going to spend the whole dang day outside if possible. Yes, the cicada invasion is underway, but they’re minding their business so far and leaving a comparatively low number of corpses scattered on the walk. Soon their songs will begin, and then it’s GOODBYE SLEEP for a few weeks.

Good week in idol, pretty okay Weekender. Let’s get to it.


Do you have any idea how many friggin’ pitches for a story like this I presented between 2016 and 2018? At last, though:

Hallelujah, Kagura isn’t going to leave BROKEN BY THE SCREAM after all, just take a little break:


The absolute transformation that WAGAMAMARAKIA has undergone in the blink of an eye:

To follow up a bit with our new friends in Finally:

A much more traditional update to the look of Aphrodite:

Excellent QUEENS dance video:

Absolutely thrilled that Natsumi is still working like crazy to do what she loves:

POPPiNG EMO is better live than I always expect them to be:

I see that BURST GIRL went to one of the best possible sources for choreography guidance:

For you Bury fans, this isn’t good news but it sure could be worse:

LiLii Kaona vocal cover!

And here’s an oddly out-of-season one from Aisawa Aria:

Get your, uh, NEO JAPONISM chopsticks:

EMPiRE is pretty good:

Looking forward to talking more about SIPP soon!

As if you needed another reason to join the Yanakoto Sotto Mute fan club:

Because we on Team are all absolutely thrilled that the unit is going away, here we honor Baby Holic:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is EIMIE, who I originally wanted to do just as a regular item because of this live clip:

But who then followed that up with this teaser:

All to remind us that “FAKE” is out in just a few days!

What’s amazing about this bit between ATARASHII GAKKO! and Chiitan is that it took this long to happen:

Say hi to the newest ZOC:

Fellow Spiritwalker fans, you may want to follow up on this REBEL REBEL album:

I encourage you to listen to the whole NightOwl EP and tell me what you think of it, because I thought the instrumentation was really nice but the idols were actually the part that killed it for me, except for the fifth song that I can’t copy the characters for for some ridiculous reason:

It is good that Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen is suddenly putting so much stuff online again:

Sandal Telephone is a good time:

See you in Brooklyn!

Have a great weekend!