Your Homicidols Weekender #190

Good morning! I hope you’re all doing well, feeling healthy, staying safe. And, of course, keeping up with idol. I forgot how tough it can be! Like, even when there’s not as much as usual going on, there’s still a lot going on, even just on the musical side — you folks who live and breath actual idol culture, honestly, how to you not get completely exhausted trying to keep up? And then the discourse, woof. But anyway! Yeah dang man it’s a lot. You’ll note, for instance, that this here Weekender has like three things in it that aren’t videos? Why? Because who has time to crawl through Twitter all that much anymore?

Which, being said, I really wish I had time to crawl through Twitter anymore! What a fun and easy way to pass the time. But no, this is the time of year when Day Job (which can be rigorous and onerous at all moments anyway) goes DEFCON 18 and I sometimes forget to eat. Stress piles up, I don’t sleep, anxiety happens, all that jazz. It’s actually what caused Hiatus 1 last year, just trying to do too much and suddenly having a mental block. I learned to manage that better over the course of the year (Hiatus 2 helped!), so now I just look down the barrel of a preposterous workload and think about the things I’d rather be doing and why I like them — like, they’re pleasurable, not obligations — and it’s much better. A relief.

It’s good to be back, yeah. I’ll never again manage that wild workload I somehow carried for like three years, but frankly that’s good. If you aren’t enjoying the thing you enjoy, are you really even enjoying it? Idol’s supposed to make you happy! And on that note, here’s a whole-ass haul of it.

That Doesn’t Sound Good Actually

I’d embed the Soundcloud player for this OWARANAIDE, YORU song but it’s just a clip, so take the lyrics instead:

BiSH clip:

Because we can all use a little Task have Fun:

Excellence ahead from mikicco:

This is old but it’s Shihatsu-machi Underground so you’ll respect it anyway:

Learn more about POMERO if only you can Japanese!

Raise your hand if you’re as excited about the BiS EP as I am:

This is good and cool of WILL-O’ but when did they get these awesome outfits?

I was hoping for more when I peeked at their YouTube, but Payrin’s chat is fine:

Be sure to tell your friends in Sunday school that CYNHN is good.

It’s too late to say much of anything useful about this, uh, this MIGMA SHELTER joint, and that’s okay:

Idol in Focus

Let’s bring this back! This week’s Idol in Focus is Nue. This Nue thing isn’t a new thing, but I enjoyed it:



Go check them out!


Oh, a single from Candy GO!GO! is imminent, is it?

Of all the streams we could feature, I think we should definitely do Kamen Joshi:

Always room for Devil ANTHEM:

This website is and always will be pro-TORIENA:

Have a great weekend!