Your Homicidols Weekender #158

Good morning! Sorry this is now a couple of hours late, but you know you’re gassed when you sleep for approximately twice as much as you usually would and still can barely get out of bed. I felt badly this week because I was observing quite a bit happening in the Idolverse but was pretty much helpless to respond. If I didn’t actually like my job and weren’t so handsomely compensated for it, I’d curse it to the heavens! But this (*serious Maniac voice*) is the kind of evolution in one’s life that can make one’s passions all the more important and valuable, and in fact I sometimes feel like idol is as precious to me now as it’s ever been, which is quite a contrast to when I was forcing myself to cover it intensely while grappling with various personal responsibilities.

Yeah that’s cool. Whatever. Hey! So there were a lot of good things that went down, including some stuff overnight, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I don’t get to at least some of it this week. What we lose in timeliness, we make up for in wry observation! And isn’t that what you pay for?

Oh right, we do this for free.

Yikes. This intro has now exhausted its own concept and I think failed to communicate the point, but eat it, 11:00 is fast approaching and I have a quiche in my future! Go play the Fun and Weekender your heart out!


When two of our greatest icons go together to see like the iconiest of them all:


Totally feeling this new energy from Watashia, Mugendai:

Not Secured, Loose Ends fans rejoice!

And speaking of Codomomental, these are the instructions for getting a listen to Mashiro’s band project MAOA24:

And speaking of bands involving idols, PEDRO might be the best ever:

Though CODE OF ZERO is no slouch:

I just get to do a POPPPING EMO post and then they give us this:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is cyberMINK, actually, whose announcement about a new single I just caught —

And then this happened and I got really excited to see the notification, only to realize a minute later that it’s actually for her last single:

Dang. Oh well! And I hope this doesn’t affect your Best Of voting in any way just because Chris and I are really big cyberMINK supporters and definitely wouldn’t want to sway your opinions!

Just as I was getting into scribble scritch, they break up:

A “documentary” of No Surprises:

You may be interested in a new Up Up Girls single; I’ll just go on being perplexed at Mori Saki in glamor shots:

Not gonna lie, this is how I prefer BiS — thoroughly menacing:

Yet another single from our girl Alice SOS:

Oshiloss Corner

Hi everyone, Kerrie here! Temporarily hijacking the weekender to introduce our newest segment: Oshiloss Corner! For when there’s not enough news for a Withdrawn Wednesday, but you still deserve to be updated!

Starting with a 1st gen Candye Syrup reunion!

(On that note, can you believe Mirichan is 38? Plastic surgery sure is something!)

There’s something kind of hilarious about ex-MIGMA SHELTER Seisei joining the old group of current MIGMA SHELTER Brazil.

My old LONDON BLUE oshi is auditioning for SIR. Wish her luck!

Ex-BellHeart Tira got married! Congrats!

Okay, back to you, Maniac!

Here’s a neat video of yandoll, which is not a common thing at all:

I had to go looking for some old Shihatsu Machi Underground info while Team worked up Best Of stuff, and I stumbled over this very important message:

Clip Corner is now at the point where they could keep changing members for a decade and it wouldn’t matter, and Risa and Mirin would also still be there:

Excellent CY8ER recording:

NaNoMoRaL has like a thousand new clips on their channel:

Of course ayumikurikamaki remain region-blocked, but maybe you’ll VPN your way to the extended version of this short-but-fun clip:

We’ll do You’ll Melt More! until the bitter-ass end:

GARUDA is good:

Blue Ocean’s stuff is always really difficult to parse, so suffice it to say that I have no real good idea of what exactly this is all about, but it’s a live clip of idols!

I love Devil ANTHEM so much:

Honest to bob, if all of idol could be anywhere near as wild as this, I’d just retire:

I’m not definitely saying that the saddest thing in this scene is Dual Eye’s producer-san sharing out all of the content that was developed for the various idol projects that happened under that portfolio, but I’m not not saying it either:

If Los An Jewels turns out to be the trap idols we’ve always needed, I’ll be very excited:

Whichever random off-brand channel of Blue Forest I followed this is, they just posted a ton of these individual videos for members of Elfloat and I.D.And FlyLooM:

Yuffie. GWAR shirt. Yes.

Have a great weekend!