Your Homicidols Weekender #148

Good morning! As I was putting together this Weekender, the fact that I had a few days off (and I mean, like, completely out of contact) really hit home. A hell of a lot happened! And yeah, I get to use this space to make up some of that, but I’m also going to drop a whole butt-ton of posts to compensate. I’ve been a lousy Maniac lately, and I feel like I should rectify a little bit.

Also reconnect. That’s important too.

Anyway, we’ve another great Fun to play, and look, it’s the last weekend of Official Summer, so do get the heck outside. I have a date with a winery!

You Say These Things Like We Care

In case you missed NECRONOMIDOL’s interview in the Hammer:

“Oo, CODE OF ZERO thing!” quoth I when this notification hit. Behold my disappointment!

Here are a couple of new things from QUEENS:

This Aina collaboration isn’t new at all, but it’s new to me!

Oh neat, a new NILKLY!

EMPiRE can get up to some fun stuff, but this is right near the top for them:

This is a photo of Shihatsu-machi Underground because I’m in a mood:

We may as well keep enjoying Re:LAYz while we can:

As it turns out, No Surprises and Juri from melt music did this thing two different ways:

For all of you fellow Co3 stans out there:

Idol in Focus

This week’s entirely too opportunistic Idol in Focus is POPPING EMO, who I feel like I’m actually kind of re-doing, but whatever, I’m catching up for the second time in a month and I can’t keep track of all of the things that happened and I caught up to in a total binge. Sue me!

The idols, though, the idols.

POPPING EMO did this pretty fun thing:

Which took me back to this thing from last month:

I love that they’re making some moves and are much more noticeable — they’re a cool group, and I like when cool groups start to emerge a little bit.

Site bias Usakura Beni is officially a video star:

And of course still boss of avandoned!

Among the whole pile of one-mans this weekend, here’s DAIDAIDAI in part because I wanted to see what they look like now:

Here’s nice sora tob sakana live:

And an entire gig from Party Rockets GT:

And hell, while we’re at it, how about some NEO BREAK:

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there some kind of cana÷biss news recently?

It’s not the KOTO that I’d want to get, but it’s the KOTO I’ll take:

This one’s for all who mourn the loss of Especia:

Have a great weekend!