Your Homicidols Best of 2019 Ballot #2

Dang, you guys are really cracking at these ballots! After just one day on Ballot #1, we’re already well on a pace to break the all-time participation record in the Best Of, and I don’t even have door prizes to give out this year! Same situation today as yesterday: Vote, do it honorably, and gnash your teeth over those who just barely didn’t make the cut as finalists.

#1 closes after today, and this one will close after tomorrow, which is also when #3 goes live for its two days in the sun. Who’s going to shock the world and take home hardware that nobody would have expected? Probably nobody because this is a popularity contest!

Who Ya Got?!

Indeed! Voting’s closed, ya goofs!

3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Best of 2019 Ballot #2

  1. I forgot that Atsuko song came out this year, and yet somehow I also never stopped thinking about it 😀
    I might have given CY8ER the single of the year, actually! Like three times over!

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