Wave Goodbye to You’ll Melt More!


Also hello probably in some cases!

Sorry, team. That’s my version of “screw ’em if they can’t take a joke,” because while I am kind of a jerk, I’m the charming, roguish kind who still gets invited to parties, not the kind who everybody only tolerates because we all went to high school together and that one time back in ’99 still carries a lot of weight to those who survived.

Anyway, a song happened!

YMM honestly confounds me with what they release and how they release it. Talking Hits EP and the upcoming full-length album are both no doubt loaded with extremely high-quality work — and please don’t read into this comment that I’m hating on the song, because I’m not, it’s nice — and then they put all of their video eggs into just one or two baskets with each release. The result: A bunch of people waving! Or (given their history) etc.!

It is now important to note that I did in fact skip out on posting their last MV (except in the Weekender), which was a thing of incredible creative power, because it wasn’t on-topic enough, and this one is even less so. It is likewise just as important to note that I sometimes paint myself into a corner and want to make a point with not the best example at hand! So let’s dredge up that last one —

You see the difference? Just in approach to the execution. Older, creativer; newer, budgetier. It reminds me of that Dempagumi.inc MV from a few years ago, with the sped-up footage of all of the cheki. Simple and effective!

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