The Incomprehensible Entertainment of GO TO THE BEDS

Don’t go to the beds! Stay awake! If you fall asleep you might miss out on the new EP and music video from one of WACK‘s coolest groups. That’s right, the ladies from Hades are finally back and here to keep you up all night!

(But as a warning, this video might be a little dangerous to watch for people with photosensitive epilepsy, heads up!)

The title of the new song is Meaningless for a reason – the lyrics are utter gibberish. For WACK veterans, you’ll probably remember that IDOL and OTNK were written by a man called Ryuguji Iku, he’s kind of the specialist for writing nonsensically deranged songs. With some heavy bass and whirling synths, the opening song on BLOOD COMPACT is here to confuse just as much as entertain. The line “I don’t know what to say to that?” is a good summary of our reaction to things here, but don’t worry, we promise to keep this article in the realm of the senses. Writing that as a mixture of phonetic Japanese to emulate English words is just simply のん先生キャル.

Meaningless is the first track on the EP and it manages to set the tone relatively well. “BLOOD COMPACT” is heavily reminiscent of the 90’s techno-industrial scene, so if you’re a fan of Metropolis Records or even the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack, you’ll definitely love this. “GORI GORI” and “Please!!” are the most evocative of this, with “Sonna Jya Baby” being closer to evil circus music. Of course, “Sin City” by the Genitorturers was a very evil circus themed industrial rock album but we guarantee, whatever you actually expect that song to sound like, you wont be able to predict it.

“Dear” and “OK” are the odd ones out here – both are pretty much what comes to mind when you hear “Matsukuma Kenta produced this song.”
“Dear” wouldn’t go out of place as a BiSH tie-up song, but “OK” starts off with a very familiar melody that you might recognise from “primal.” by BiS and “LAST” by GANG PARADE. It might feel a little out of place on the EP overall, but the legacy of those groups being passed down in musical form is always welcome. The members you’ve grown to know and love (with new addition to the group Changbaby) telling you that everything will be OK accompanied with a heartfelt, nostalgic sound is basically an idol fan’s early Christmas.

“BLOOD COMPACT” is out right now! If you’ve ever wanted to imagine what it feels like to be a leather clad vampire fighting somebody at a warehouse rave in the 90’s, this EP is as close as you’ll get anytime soon!