Wednesday Is Boring So Watch This and Be Happy

Title says it all. I didn’t even realize that it was Wednesday, that’s how slowly and off-everything this week has been. I swear that my mind is still in the middle of Saturday evening at the point when I thought to myself that I should pre-prepare some posting for the week and try to get a jump on stuff. Right after I finish … and that’s it.

So what has happened this week? It seems like basically nothing. A few announcements, yeah, and apparently even a few MV releases. But this is a weird spring/summer elbow season, probably mostly because of COVID and just weird luck, and there just isn’t that much hitting the Internet for freeloaders like me to enjoy.

But speaking of enjoyment, and having a dearth of new things to overreact to, I thought I’d make sure that you’re all extra-special aware of my favorite live clip so far this year. It’s all the more particularly so because it’s the rare live clip of a personal favorite doing what’s arguably their greatest song ever. So get to it: Continue reading

Shut It Down, DAIDAIDAI Just Gave Me Everything I Ever Wanted


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