Two More Segments of the Splash! Road to ReNY

Not a whole lot of selling to be done here; you’re either like YAY SPLASH or WGAF. Either way:

First three installments here. I don’t have any Japanese, but I like these anyway. A little how-it’s-done documentary stuff is always neat.

Behind the Scenes with Splash!(.)

Remember Splash!(?) One of those hard-luck-but-rising-from-the-ashes rock idol units? They’ve been building to a one-man at Shinjuku ReNY coming up on July 25, and are promoting that with a little documentary “Road to” series:

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This Is a Pretty Cool Story

I’d recently seen a few references to yet another idol group, Splash!, I think via Idol 2.0, that upon first glance didn’t seem like they were going to be very much up my alley. Continue reading