Here’s the Video for Sakohata Aya’s Second Solo Single

Sakohata Aya, ex of Splash!, has embarked on her solo career not so much as an idol per se anymore, but as a rock singer full stop. But once a cool rock idol, always a cool rock idol, I say, and this latest release from her sounds like fun:

Violent fun

The single, her second, drops in a month; her fans earned this release by giving her the ol’ 100 RT treatment on Twitter. As for her second one-man, that’s coming up in a couple of weeks … Continue reading

From Splash! to Solo, Sakohata Aya Is Ready to Rock

We saw a full Splash! prepare for their big one-man a little while back, but, if you follow them on Twitter, you may have noticed that only four members have been present in photos and video. And it’s because their leader and long-tenured member, Sakohata Aya, decided to take her talents to South Beach a solo career singing with a band. Continue reading