DEEP GIRL Had a Birthday Party, Covered ‘Misery Business’ & Good for Them

Our friend @ramenshuriken pointed this out this morning:

DEEP GIRL did “Misery Business!”* This was from their anniversary celebration:

The potential for commentary on a song with that title being involved with idols notwithstanding

None of them quite has the solo voice to match up with the original, but they did pretty well in ensemble, and I’m particularly impressed with Riko. I’d love to know if that cover was management’s idea (and therefore possible as a B-side) or if notorious rock connoisseur Mashilo (or any member, honestly) was like “I please want to do this song.”

In discussing this performance on Twitter, it came to light that perhaps Paramore’s breakout hit wasn’t well-known outside of North America, so I’ll just add that Hayley Williams is sort of like her generation’s Joan Jett, only a better singer and probably musician and with way more across-the-board mainstream success. This song was a big deal not quite 10 years ago, and while her band has pretty much completely turned over, Hayley herself is a pretty serious star.