This Friday Fun Is Idols Going Global

It’s Friday again! How’s it going?

Last week we took a look at the best of #IdolPets; And I totally forgot! Sorry guys.

Praise our beloved dark lords for opening their international fan club to the rest of the world. Necronomidol work so hard at including the international fandom alongside the native fans, something that in the world of alt-idol, is usually too costly or difficult to achieve. Aside from Babymetal, the international market seems like a lost cause for even the most mainstream groups. And with recent Western idol coverage being less than favourable (to the point where one such instance is even a Letdown Of The Year nominee!) being a Western idol fan can feel a bit lonely sometimes. And idols trying to make it overseas isn’t something new either. In fact, idols trying to cater to a possible American demographic resulted in one of the most infamous TV flops of all time!

What the ever-loving hell?

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