This JyuJyu Story Is So Stupid

To be filed under “Items That Maybe Should Be in the Weekender But Naw” comes this tale that I just now removed from said Weekender because I was looking at it and thinking to myself, nothing about this makes me think that it’s either that big a deal nor not a deal at all, and sometimes stupid things need to be demonstrated as being stupid.

So the story, such as it is, is encapsulated in a very low-key way in this blog post from the Cursed Idols:

tl;dr version: Chunpi was quietly carrying on a relationship of some sort with some fan, against the rules, and was caught and apologized in that unique way that only idols can and cleared up with the fan that this totes wasn’t romance bro and everybody walks away feeling just fine, with producer-san vowing to keep a tighter leash on things. Continue reading

Whatever We Do, Please Accept This Friday Fun in Apology

Almost July! Why not take a look at last week’s entries?

Maniac is trying and failing to find a solution to Twitter being a butt; look at this and then here:

I already had a fun written and queued, but then I received this tweet regarding a topic much more relevant this week:

That’s right, its yet another WACK fun! Sort of.

The talk of the town this week has been their apologizing-in-advance campaign. It’s brought laughs, theories and even an old friend, so really, celebrating its conclusion seems like a good way to go this week. Continue reading