I Don’t Think I Have the Energy to Give This Osaka Shunkashuto Post a Good Title

The hardest part of being a fancy idol blogger is definitely dealing with the disappointments. I’ve pointed out in the past to absolutely zero objection that, if we’re all being honest, a lot of the people covered in this space aren’t terribly talented, and the music, though it undoubtedly has appeal for someone somewhere, just isn’t all that exceptional — but those aren’t the disappointing things. What’s disappointing is when a project is cool and fresh and smart, and the idols have great individual talents that align perfectly with the concept, and it all coalesces into something really great … that then, almost always for bottom-line business decisions, get reduced to a soulless husk. That is disappointment, and it kills your want-to as a blogger.

All that being said, Osaka Shunkashuto, who once upon a time did this, have a new EP coming out next week, and they released an MV, and the song is from that FAIRY TAIL anime that most notably BiSH also contributed theme music to, and stupid me got hype about the release for a minute before I hit play and: Continue reading

Maybe You Guys Have a Particularly Strong Reaction to the New EMPIRE Song?

Speculative nature of the post aside, I’d completely lost track of anything that was afoot with EMPIRE, such as a single that is also a theme song, which is what this is. Bully for EMPIRE in that case. However, having now listened to it twice and observed its well-composed-but-ultimately-unexciting MV, I find that I have a desire to blog a post about it without having any feeling more intense than “oh, I should blog a post about it” about it. So here it is!

Well gee, that’s as straight-ahead a power pop anthem as you’re likely to find anywhere, isn’t it? Did Kenta write it? It’s packed with Kenta moves, is why I ask. It’s basically “Promise the Star”. Did Aina do the choreography? Those overhead circular movements are an EMPIRE staple going back to when Aina choreographed them. Will this probably sell quite a bit? Probably, or Kentacore would have all but disappeared at this stage in history.

This has been my reaction to the new EMPIRE song.