New to Babymetal? We Got You Covered

Babymetal, the Dark Knights, the Kitsune Warriors, the Dark Princesses of Heavy Metal, are no strangers to this site or the cool and good people who frequent it. But maybe you, personally, just now saw them on Late Night with Stephen Colbert or the APMAs, or maybe you’ve heard them on the radio now that “KARATE” has gone into regular circulation. And you’re intrigued.

Who are these girls? What’s this weird band? Why do those guys look like ghosts? What’s with the dancing? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

There’s a lot more information, including history, on their site profile page; this is a handy reference version.  Continue reading

‘KARATE’ Confirmed as First Single on Babymetal’s METAL RESISTANCE [UPDATED with video]

This isn’t news per se, but good to have it from another source (Loudwire): Babymetal‘s first single from METAL RESISTANCE will be “KARATE,” available on Feb. 25.

“KARATE” aka “Seiya/Soiya” among fans ever since it debuted at Yokohama, did in fact strike me as a possibility for the first single/video from the album; they could have gone the sounds-like-“Gimme Choko” route with “Awadama Fever” or gone with the more typical “YAVA!” (“Chigau”), but “KARATE” does have the sound of a crossover track, like you might hear it on rock radio’s drive-time hour as opposed to just on the late shows.

I did mention earlier that I’d have thoughts about that, and I do, and it really boils down to this: I didn’t want their lead track from this album to be “KARATE.” Continue reading