This Elfloat Song Is Really Nice

Zounds, this week. It’s Friday, that’s good, I get to go home soon and take up a tally of all of the various things that need tallying and reach out to all of the people who need reaching out to. Of course, that’s exactly what I’m dreading at this point, that and the hangover that I managed to not wake up with but that is definitely just waiting for a chance to ruin the day.

You know what’s going to be a nice palliative? This Elfloat song, which is exactly what the title says it is. For once, I’d have some time to comment, but I just don’t have the gumption. So enjoy!

Yeah, this is usually where I admonish Western idol fans for not giving more love to the Blue Forest sister units.

Enjoy Idol Helloween Like You Know You Want To

Happy Halloween, amigos! I’ll confess to being a little bit annoyed; while I love Day Job with all of my heart, I do always love the requirements of Day Job, which sometimes necessitates that I spend time doing things after hours and away from what I really want to be doing. In the case of Halloween, I always enjoy dressing up Maniac Mansion as a den of terror and pain, and myself as a murderer or demonic entity, purely to scare the ever-loving bejeezus out of the neighborhood children. It’s great!

But yeah, Day Job demands that I not get to enjoy that this year, so instead I turn to my more regular hobby — idols. And, you know who delivered? Friggin’ Blue Forest — Elfloat, Diamondollfy and Real Light, to be precise — with a live that I was totally stoked about even just as it was announced, let alone thinking that I’d ever get to see it. Continue reading