Oshi Digest #45: Lifestyles of the Rich and Oshi

After announcing that the Oshi Digest was moving semi-permanently to Monday, Maniac got too big-boy busy and now has to do it on Tuesday for the week! Sorry, Saki!

Try to imagine Saki-oshi’s life for a minute, you guys. You’re a well-known underground music figure, you’ve gone from center of a group to fully solo work, you’ve performed abroad, some weird foreign idol fan site has made you an object of veneration. The rewards for such generalized largesse of fortune apparently include partying on yachts!

It’s a life of wealth and adventure for chika idols these days, apparently. Saki enjoys the riches that T-shirt and cheki sales provide, enabled of a freedom that few in this world can truly appreciate. But will somebody please remind Oshi that she needs to be careful when she decides to walk around topless!

You have no idea what kinds of people are hiding in the bushes, Saki!


Oh, I’m sorry, Saki. I don’t mean to berate. You’re right, you’re as grown-ass a woman as anybody described as a “pocket idol” can be grown-ass. You can make your own decisions.

Yes, that’s probably a good idea. Beverage?


Saki Friendship Update

Remember from last time, how Saki and NoA are apparently thick as thieves? Now they’re doing cosplay karaoke together!

Oshi loves her friends, and she loves making friends. She was nothing but kind and gracious with Kerrie; I bet that they could have had a hangout together if not for the logistics of the &ZEKKYOUNOMIDOL tour. You, too, could be Saki’s friend! Remember, Saki plus you equals: