Oshi Digest #4: Kaleidoscope

Before we begin, does anybody want to hazard a guess as to what’s going to happen at the SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE tour final?

In a weirdly off year with only a few dominant moments, it’s been Necroma’s time to shine (well, shine as much as a total void of goodness and light can shine); it’d be fitting for them to close things out with their biggest move yet.

This is about Sari, though. Our oshi might well be in position to Idol of the Year in a few months herself.

^ That was a weird. Easier, though, to digest than Oshi’s true nature, which can only be comprehended by those on the brink of insanity who catch her image just so:

This of course sets off a total mental break by which Sari replicates within your mind ad infinitum

The last thing you see before you die?

No, silly. Oshi doesn’t kill people; the cosmic horrors that manifest into material reality through her kill people.