Bring on the APOKALIPPPS

Edit: Not enough P!

Finally! Pure Idol Heart shared the original preview for this new project a couple of weeks back, and I literally forgot about it until it came back up this morning because they finally made their debut.


I have no idea what they’re like — loud, doomy, art-hellish — but I know that I want them to be on every idol bill until the end of time.

They’re actually a super group of sorts, along the lines of NATASHA (who basically only exist for festival purposes); the original sole member from the original promo is Marina Nishi ex of Nana Hamu to Yaki Udon, but now she’s joined by Chiffon from You’ll Melt More!, Beni from Avandoned* and this Pai Pai idol who people who know more than me think highly of but I have literally never encountered until this very moment:

No video yet, no teasers, no nothing, but please do share if anything comes of it.

*This is Beni’s least disturbing non-Avandoned side gig

One thought on “Bring on the APOKALIPPPS

  1. This is the greatest! So great! Chiffon has surely crossed paths with Namahamu on that “Shocking Girls” show, aka the Ano Zoo where people go to observe Ano. And Paipai Dekami had Namahamu in her video for “PPDKM” (as well as O****r S**ko :D) So this is already ticking the boxes for “they’re pals IRL-sies” on-stage chemistry. There are lots of reasons to like Paipai Dekami, beyond the two that she makes most obvious 😛

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